Cubicle Workstation Series B

Cubicle Workstation Series B


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Pod Size
Surface Dimensions

Cubicles are a classic office staple. And these little 6x6 cubes are too cute to pass up. Easily get power to your desk with outlet hole covers. These monolithic, hard surface panels are slim and elegant. Each includes panels you can thumbtack all your best ideas and biggest reminders to.

Can be purchased as a single unit or in pods of 2, 4 and 6 workstations.

Contact Us for specific measurements, finishes, and pricing to fit your space! Please allow a 5-6 week lead time as we manufacture your workstation to your specifications.


  • Factory configured monolithic panels
  • Slim 2" panel thickness for maximum space savings
  • Hard surface and tackable panels
  • 8 wire 4 circuit powerway and power/data access base covers
  • Includes duplex outlet hole covers (24”W panels only include 3 duplex outlet hole covers)

Surface Dimension: 

24"x72" + 30"x42" Return
High Panels: 42", 50", 66" 
Wide Panels: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60"

* This product is commercial grade and requires professional assembly. Contact us for Installation Services!

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