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3 Commercial Office Renovation Ideas

Wanting to spruce up your commercial office? Read on for commercial office renovation ideas that can create the right work atmosphere for you

Planning on having an office reconfiguration? Renovating and redecorating a commercial office space can be an exciting endeavor, almost as exciting as purchasing or renting a brand new building. There’s something about a fresh renovation that just perks everyone up and gives them a great sense of pride in where they work.

What are the Benefits of a Commercial Office Renovation?

Though a commercial office remodel may seem a little daunting at first, its importance cannot be understated, for various reasons. 

It Benefits Your Company

The first and foremost reason you should renovate your commercial office is for the sake of your company or business. An outdated building, with outdated decoration and furniture, will not fetch as high a price on the market should you choose to sell it. Property values tend to go down if the properties aren’t maintained properly. 

Additionally, an old building that hasn’t been redecorated and kept up-to-date, could be a drain on your finances simply because it probably isn’t energy efficient. There is also bound to be some kind of deterioration in the structure and functioning of the building over time, which can pose a safety hazard if not fixed. 

It Benefits Your Clients 

Another big reason behind a commercial renovation is to appeal to your clients. Nobody wants to do business with a company that looks like it’s about to go out of business. 

An office housed in a properly maintained commercial building, with modern, updated furniture and decor, shows potential clients that your business is doing well in the market and shows that you’re keeping pace with your competition. Plus, modern cubicle accessories keep employees happy, boosting productivity.

Just like you wouldn’t hire a disheveled and poorly-groomed person, no client will hire a poorly-groomed and ill-maintained business. 

It Benefits Your Employees

Similarly, the appearance of your office building––inside and out––will have a direct effect on the quality of employees you attract, as well as the quality of work they do. 

Well qualified people with shiny resumes often work at places where they feel like they fit in. Shabby buildings may attract employees who feel they don’t have any better options. Plus, someone who works in a stale environment may not have the mental freshness they need to perform with excellence. There’s something to be said for taking pride in the place you work. 

It’s a Great Way to Scale Up or Down 

Finally, another great reason for a commercial remodel is if and when you want to scale your business up or down. Maybe the number of offices in your commercial building are not enough to fit all the new employees you had to hire, because hey… business is booming!  

Alternatively, maybe the space isn’t optimally divided or the office size is too small. Remodeling and renovation should be done whenever there is a need to modify the commercial space to fit your new business needs and goals. Design with purpose, not just on a whim.

3 Popular Types of Commercial Office Layouts 

Not sure what kind of layout to go with? Below are 3 of the most popular. 

Open Layout 

An open floor commercial office layout takes up the whole floor, or most of it, and doesn’t divide it into rooms. Instead, the division of space is done through low partitions; this way, people have some privacy, without compromising on space and without feeling congested. 

An open floor layout is ideal for promoting communication and collaboration between employees and is linked with higher levels of productivity. However when it comes to a open office vs cubicle office, some people might not be comfortable with the limited privacy it offers, and may become distracted by the noise. 


As the name suggests, a cellular commercial office layout features a space that is divided into numerous cells. These cells can be designated as meeting rooms, employee cubicles, offices, etc., so that everyone has their own private workspace. Such a layout allows employees a lot of individual freedom, and creates an environment solely focused on work. However, cellular layouts take up a lot of your commercial office space and the division of space isn’t as efficient as any other commercial office design.

Co-Working Space 

A coworking office layout works on the principle of first-come, first-serve. Wondering the difference between a coworking space vs office? While the floor layout is similar to an open floor layout, the difference lies in the fact that the employees are not assigned a modular office workstation; anyone can take up any free workspace or touchdown space

Co-working office spaces are ideal for self-employed people as well as small businesses. If you have a commercial office space, you can remodel it to create a coworking space; it is great for networking and boosting in-person interactions, not to mention cost-effective. However, it allows for no privacy at all, so if that’s important to you, this type of layout may not be the best for your commercial renovation. 

While these aren’t the only commercial office renovation ideas out there, they are a handful of the most popular right now. Decide what’s right for your business and move forward from there. Juniper Office offers office furniture solutions for your next office renovation.