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Conference Room Layouts: An Expert's Guide to Office Design

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The design of a conference room can have a tremendous impact on the attitudes and engagement of your employees. If you opt for an intimate space with workers facing a single point, you limit flexibility. Conversely, if you choose a more open concept, you breed an environment for distractions. So, whether a bustling workspace or a cozy home setup, there's more than meets the eye regarding the conference room floor plan.

Many factors, from color and lighting to furniture and layout, shape your experience, mood, and productivity. One pivotal aspect of an office is the conference room, where important meetings and brainstorming sessions occur. 

Today, we'll explore various conference room layout options and discover how Juniper Office can help you create your dream floor plan.

The 6 Conference Room Layouts You Should Consider

A conference room is a dedicated space within an office or organization for conducting important meetings, presentations, and discussions.

Unsurprisingly, a conference room's design and layout can significantly impact these interactions' success. A well-designed conference room should create an environment that fosters creativity, engagement, and focus. It should have the necessary technology, furniture, and amenities to support various meeting formats, from brainstorming sessions and team-building activities to formal presentations and customer pitches.

A conference room is a vital element of any office space that aims to promote a collaborative and productive atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged, problems solved, and decisions can be made efficiently and effectively.

Here are the six more common conference room layouts:

Boardroom Style

The boardroom style is a classic conference room layout design that is synonymous with professionalism and executive decision-making. Featuring a large central table surrounded by chairs, this setup promotes open communication and collaboration among attendees.


  • Fosters open communication and collaboration
  • Well-suited for small to medium-sized groups
  • Formal setup exudes professionalism


  • Inadequate for larger gatherings
  • Limited flexibility for presentations or breakout sessions

Hollow Square Style

The hollow square style is an adaptable solution that features a room setup diagram of tables arranged in a square or rectangular shape, with chairs placed around the perimeter, leaving the center of the arrangement open. This layout facilitates group discussions and ensures equal participation among attendees.


  • Encourages group discussions and equal participation
  • Enhances visibility for all attendees
  • Appropriate for medium-sized gatherings


  • It may feel impersonal for smaller groups
  • Limited space for presentations

U-shape Style

The U-shape style is one of the more versatile conference room layouts. It involves arranging tables and chairs in a U-shaped configuration, leaving an open space in the center for presentations or a speaker. This layout is particularly effective in promoting interaction among attendees and directing everyone to the focal point for the meeting.


  • Provides a clear focal point for presentations
  • Encourages interaction between attendees
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized groups


  • Inefficient use of space for larger gatherings
  • It can feel overly formal for casual discussions

Auditorium Style

The auditorium style is a conference room layout that focuses on maximizing seating capacity, making it an excellent choice for large-scale presentations, lectures, or events. Rows of chairs face a stage or screen at the front of the room, creating an efficient use of space.


  • Accommodates large groups effectively
  • Ideal for presentations or lectures
  • Maximized seating capacity


  • Limited interaction between attendees
  • It may feel impersonal for smaller groups

Classroom Style

The classroom style is a practical conference room layout that resembles a traditional school setting, with rows of tables and chairs facing a focal point, such as a screen or a whiteboard. This arrangement is well-suited for training sessions, workshops, or any event where note-taking and concentration are essential.


  • Facilitates note-taking and concentration
  • Ideal for training sessions or workshops
  • Suitable for small to large groups


  • Limited interaction between attendees
  • It can feel overly formal for casual discussions

Banquet Style

If you want your conference room’s layout to emphasize informal discussions and networking, the banquet style might be the right fit. It typically features round tables with chairs arranged around them, creating a convivial atmosphere perfect for social events, team-building activities, or casual gatherings.


  • Encourages informal discussions and networking
  • Suitable for social events or team-building activities
  • Accommodates large groups effectively


  • Not ideal for formal presentations or lectures
  • May feel too casual for professional meetings

Crafting Your Ideal Conference Room Plan with Juniper

Now that you're familiar with various conference room layout options, let's discuss how Juniper Office can help you create your perfect conference room plan. Here are a few tips for designing the ideal meeting room setup:

  1. Prioritize comfort: Opt for ergonomic chairs and tables to ensure attendees' comfort during long meetings.
  2. Ensure strong Wi-Fi: A reliable internet connection is vital for presentations and video conferences.
  3. Optimize lighting: Employ a combination of natural light and artificial lighting to create a well-lit, inviting space.
  4. Incorporate technology: Equip your conference room with high-quality audio and video equipment to facilitate seamless presentations and communication.
  5. Personalize the space: Infuse your company's branding and personality elements to create an inspiring atmosphere.

With a century of experience in the office furniture industry, Juniper Office provides a vast selection of premium supplies and expert advice to help you start a design from a meeting room setup template. From cozy seating options to state-of-the-art technology, Juniper Office covers all your needs to create the proper conference layout for your office.

Realize Your Dream Office Space with Juniper Office

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