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How to Buy Office Furniture & What to Expect

Learn everything you need to know about the procurement process of buying office furniture with this guide. Read on.

Maybe you’ve spent years in the same office and your company is relocating to a new and exciting place. Or perhaps you’re kicking off a new business venture and aiming to set your employees up for success. 

New furniture can enliven and functionalize the space that you’re moving to. But, as a business owner, how do you buy office furniture when there are so many choices?

Before you start browsing chairs and desks online, it’s important to develop a plan for your specific space (ideally with expert help). In this short guide, we’ll walk you through the process of outfitting your new space.

Step 1: Outline Your Needs

Buying office furniture isn’t quite as simple as ordering a few desks and chairs. The first preparation to make is to survey your needs. These are defined by the size of your team, the work that you do in your office space, and your budget. 

To understand your specific needs, write down some basic information including:1

  • The dimensions of your new office
  • The low and high ends of your budget
  • The types of furniture that are necessary
  • The types of furniture that would be enjoyable 
  • The workflow that you hope to establish 

Keep in mind that there are many options for organizing your office, from an open floorplan to traditional cubicles and beyond.

With these needs in mind, you’ll be prepared to begin shopping. To avoid getting lost in the bevy of choices, it’s helpful to enlist expert help.

Choosing a Professional Partner

An office furniture dealer can help you pick pieces that will bring your dream office floor plan to life, maximizing both your space and your employees’ productivity.

Besides good reviews and recommendations, what should you look for specifically in an office furniture dealer?

Keep an eye out for these services:2

  • Project management 
  • Design services
  • Quick shipping to your area
  • Custom options
  • Access to multiple manufacturers

A furniture dealer can assist you through the entire process of choosing and buying. The company will ask for basic information about your office space, furniture needs, and budget. 

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Step 2: Create a 3-D Floor Plan

The simple 2-D drawing of your office floor plan can be transformed into a 3-D model of the office that you’re preparing to furnish. When you can visualize the office, you should have a clearer idea of your furniture wants and needs.

Developing accurate floor plans ensures that:

  • The furniture fits in the space without overcrowding
  • There’s a smooth flow of movement through the office 
  • You’re satisfied with the plan before the furniture arrives

With a 3-D floor plan, you can ensure your purchase matches your vision before you make a large investment. If you’re working with a furniture dealer, discuss the adjustments that you need until you’re completely content with the layout.

Step 3: Get Specific With Furniture Function

Once the floor plan is established, you’ll hone in on the models of desks, conference chairs, break room furniture, and other items that you want to purchase. When you think about the individual pieces you’ll add to your cart, function is first.

What function does each piece serve in your office? Consider your employees' needs:3 

  • Do my employees need to collaborate?
  • How much desk space does each person need?
  • What kind of technology will interact with the furniture?

After functionality, consider the look and feel of your furniture. Does it fit with your brand and the values you intend to communicate through your office’s appearance?

Your office furniture is a long term investment since it will likely take you through 15-20 years of business unless you move locations frequently.4 Given the lifespan of your furniture, the goal is to choose pieces that are not only functional but also high quality.

Step 4: Prepare for the Delivery & Assembly Timeline

Work with your dealer to establish both the delivery and assembly timeline for your office furniture. Some companies will have ready-made furniture pieces that they can deliver to your location right away. Others will need time to manufacture the furniture for your order.

Depending on whether you’ve placed a bulk order or purchased pieces individually, your order delivery will follow a different timeline.

  • Bulk – If you buy furniture in bulk from the same manufacturer, it’s likely that all of your furniture will arrive at the same time. 
  • Individual If you purchase pieces separately, they are more likely to arrive at separate times, which can create more logistical hurdles to finalizing your office setup.

Simplify Your Office Setup with Juniper Office

Procuring furniture for a new office is a huge project, but you can break it down into manageable steps. With expert help from Juniper Office, you’ll have the support you need along the way.

At Juniper, we offer services such as free office design and comprehensive support that you won’t find at a big box store. You can take a seat while we guide you through floor plans, furniture choices, delivery, and assembly. Take a look at our furniture options online to get started on your dream office.


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