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How to Select Desks That Fit Your Company Culture

The desks that fill your office say a lot about the culture of your company. We're here to help you choose wisely!

The desks that fill your office say a lot about the culture of your company. You and your employees will use these desks daily to power your business, so they should reflect your culture and values! Here are some suggestions for selecting the commercial office desks that’s right for your team.

One of the great things about the Think Desk is that it can match your energy by rising and lowering. If you want to foster a high-energy environment, the sit-to-stand capabilities is a prime option. 

Timeless and Professional
The Jot Desk offers a classic look with sleek lines and simple (but reliable) construction. You even have the option for power and wire management to keep up the streamlined design. Every professional needs a clean, timeless desk.

Pick up and go with our Mobile Think Desk. This desk if perfect for busy teams that often need to shift gears and spaces that need flexibility. Your company is used to moving fast and efficiently, so why shouldn’t desk setup be that way, too?

Is your company full of  trailblazers? The Jot Desk U-Shape keeps everything within easy reach so that your team has plenty of work space to lay out documents and research assets. Encourage innovation with a desk that just may inspire greatness.

Creatives and Artists
Give your creatives an inspiring canvas with the Live Edge Height Adjustable Desk. With a real acacia wood surface and unique natural bends, artistic minds will savor the opportunity to create in these workspaces.

Mindful and Motivated
Do you employ a diverse group of detail-oriented folks? Try the L-Shaped Acuity Desk with Storage. It’s a unique desk that offers plenty of private storage as well as lots of room to spread out. Even the thinkers with the sharpest eyes will be satisfied and motivated.

There are endless options, so if you don’t see something that speaks to your company culture, check out many options here. Juniper is here to help you get back to work.. Contact us today at or give us a call at (866)999-0955.