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9 Key Furniture Pieces for Organization & Storage

What furniture is best for office organization? Read on to learn what furniture you should be using and where to buy them!

Workplace disorganization has been linked to poor performance and focus, increased stress, unhealthy diets, and insufficient rest.1 There are also bad client impressions to fret over and time lost to rummaging around for items needed in the moment.

So, keeping your office tidy and knowing how to organize an office is about more than appearances; you’re creating an environment conducive toward success.

That said, whether your office is big or small, maintaining order can be an uphill battle. Without the right systems and organizational furniture, a workplace can quickly turn into a mess. To that end, here are 11 types of office organization furniture to keep yours tidy and clean.

#1 Filing Cabinets

No matter how digitized your company is, loose papers are nearly impossible to avoid. Giving each desk a filing cabinet or file pedestal will ensure that clutter stays off the desk and out of sight. Even if certain employees don’t have any papers or important documents to file, they can use theirs as an extra storage space to keep their desks tidy.

#2 Storage Cabinets

The best thing about office storage cabinets is that they can be used for virtually anything—so long as it fits, of course. Need an oversized filing cabinet for storing large quantities of loose papers? Or an enclosed location for extra office supplies? Whatever your needs, a storage cabinet is likely suitable.

And if privacy or security are concerns, such as for confidential documents, some storage cabinets can even be locked.

#3 Storage Credenzas

In a dining room, a storage credenza would be referred to as a buffet. These are excellent choices for storing small office supplies like pens, paper, and staplers.

And they provide the same advantages as storage cabinets but with a lower and wider profile—giving you more flexibility. So, if you’re trying to figure out how you can squeeze in a storage cabinet, office storage furniture like a credenza might just solve your problem.

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#4 Storage Shelving

You can never have too much shelving in an office, especially in mail rooms or storage closets. Some storage shelving solutions can also be mounted to walls or desks. Taking advantage of vertical space will automatically achieve better organization and cleanliness while adding some spaciousness.

#5 Wardrobe Cabinets or Under-Desk Hooks

Office clutter can be caused by far more than just office supplies. For example, if you live in a cold environment where people come to work in layers, it’s likely that loose items of clothing contribute to office disarray.

A wardrobe, coat rack, or under-desk hook where jackets can be hung can curb that.

#6 Storage Islands

Storage islands are one of the most dynamic pieces of furniture you can introduce into your office. In addition to providing filing, shelving, and doored storage, islands also function as spacious, communal work surfaces.

#7 Cable Management Solutions

No one wants to wrangle bundled-up cables that are all tangled together—and who knows what they’re plugged into at the far end. Too much bending can also lead to damage, and no one needs frayed cables costing them their productivity or valuable project work due to sudden computer shut-offs.

Keep your power cords organized with one of several solutions:

#8 Trash Cans

This isn’t necessarily a piece of furniture; however, having plenty of trash cans throughout your office is a must. There should be a trash can at each desk and several around the office. Without trash cans, waste ends up atop desks and on the floor.

#9 Literature Organizer

Especially if you have a waiting room in your office, literature organizers are a great option for pamphlets, magazines, and other loose papers and important documents. The same goes for commonly used forms in a back office. 

These handy organizers can be mounted to walls or placed on flat surfaces to keep materials easy to sort through and free from cluttering any tables, desks, or other office furnishings.

Benefits of an Organized Office

No matter your workspace’s size or type, you’ll need office organizational furniture to create an efficient, productive environment. By adding some of the office furnishings listed above, your workplace can gain the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity – Without clutter, employees can feel less overwhelmed and more willing to focus on the task at hand.
  • Reduced injury risk – Loose items strewn about can create tripping and fire hazards.
  • Positive work environment – When employees can easily find what they’re looking for, it can reduce the risk of stress and frustration.
  • Good impressions – A clean, organized office is a must if clients frequently stop by. Disorganization does not display reliability or trustworthiness.
  • Improved critical thinking skills – You may not realize it, but clutter can be distracting. Removing such distractions can boost your cognitive abilities.

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