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Project Managing an Office Move: A Checklist

When you first signed the lease for your new office space, your move might have seemed far enough away on the horizon that it felt it would never come. But now, it’s only a few months down the road, and you have to sort out the logistics of transitioning your entire workplace to a new office.

Though packing up everything might seem overwhelming, project managing an office move becomes a lot more manageable when you use a checklist to break it into easy-to-handle pieces.

Luckily, we’ve taken care of some of the heavy lifting already. Below you’ll find three readymade checklists to help you navigate the before, during, and after of your office move with finesse.  

Before the Move

While you might think that the most crucial stage of the move happens on the day of, that’s actually not the case. Properly planning the transition is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. That’s why we recommend putting your plans together in advance—not hours before you’re schedule to make the switch. 

If you properly prep beforehand, you’ll notice that it’s significantly less stressful when moving day arrives. Plus, you’re less likely to forget crucial belongings. Adding the following factors to your prep work checklist will make sure you lay the foundation for an easy move later on:1

  • Communication – Talking with everyone is one of the most important steps to a successful move. From your team to your clients, it’s smart to communicate your expectations early and keep people in the loop about what steps they need to take to minimize interruptions to business.
  • Send change of address notice to necessary parties – While your workspace might move, all your mail will keep going to the same place unless you let your clients and suppliers know that your address has changed. It’s best to provide notice that your address is changing in advance so you can make sure your mail moves with you.
  • Preparation and logistics – From hiring movers to packing up (and backing up) all your tech, there are lots of logistical details you’ll want to handle ahead of time. Planning these parts of the move about three months in advance can save you the headache later on.
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Moving Day

The big day is finally here! Since you’ve prepped in advance, you’ll have had a chance to smooth out some details that might have otherwise thrown a wrench in your plans. With that said, there are still some day-of considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. To keep moving-day operations running smoothly, consider making a list of the following tips:

  • Keep floor plans of your new office on hand
  • Move tech equipment first and pack it carefully, so it doesn’t jostle during the trip
  • Have a list of contacts handy
  • Ensure all boxes are properly labeled to avoid confusion when setting up in your new space
  • Make sure you have AC or cooling, if your moving day is scheduled for a hot day
  • Assign a small team to do a walkthrough of your old space to ensure nothing is left behind

Finally arriving at your new office is an exciting opportunity for you and your business. This checklist will help ensure that the experience stays as exciting and stress-free as possible, allowing you to spend your energy focusing on new horizons for your business instead.

Settle In

The final step in your move is settling in. Even though you might be ready to kick your feet up on your new desk and take a load off, you can’t drop everything quite yet. There are still a few loose ends you’ll need to tie up before you can unbox your plant and make yourself feel at home.

To be sure everything in your new location is set up and running smoothly, add the following to-do items to your post-move checklist:2

  • Get your phone lines up and running
  • Set up your printers, wifi, and other tech
  • Collect any old building passes that weren’t dropped off
  • Switch over your insurance
  • Walk through the premises to learn the new layout

As the hubbub of moving dies down, it’s also important to take a moment to meet the other businesses in your area. You decided to move for a reason—getting to know your neighborhood and the other businesses near your new locale will help you start this new chapter off on the right foot. 

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Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful process. When you make checklists to divide the move into before, during, and after phases, it makes the process simple and stress-free. Plus, it leaves more time for the exciting parts of moving into a new office, such as designing the space.

At Juniper, we can offer support and feedback at every step of the design process to help execute your vision. Our design team offers 3D Office Space Planning, providing you with a clear idea of what our furniture will look like in your new rooms. 

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