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Temporary Office Space Benefits

Wanting a more flexible and affordable office space? Discover the advantages a temporary office space could provide.

Looking to establish your business without signing a long-term lease or negotiating a complex contract? For a few days or several months, temporary office space is a flexible business option to give your venture a professional space on your own terms. Whether you’re renting an entire floor or a single room, temporary office space puts the ball in your court for your small business.

What are the benefits of short term office space?

From price points to desirable amenities, there’s a lot to appreciate about a short term office rental. This guide will take you through 8 of the biggest reasons small businesses and start-ups opt for temporary space. Read on to discover how your business can benefit from this temporary office space option.

#1. Brand Elevation

Your company image is the first thing customers see—a sharp public image and sophisticated branding approach could do amazing things for your company goals. 

From graphic design to market materials, the image you put out to the world will say a lot about your business. As well, your public-facing office could have the same effect on:

  • Potential clients
  • New hires
  • Investors and stakeholders
  • Partners and collaborators

With temporary office space, you can boost your company image. Your office could provide a vital connecting point for those investigating your business, offering a highly professionalized space that aligns with your core company values as well as your brand’s visual design. 

#2. Lower Costs

When analyzing business expenses, the bottom line is always at the top of the priority list. Long-term renting contacts, real estate purchases, and renovations are some of the priciest parts of running a business, but with temporary office space, you can avoid these aspects altogether while still maintaining a professional office.

Consider the following ways a temporary office space could help you cut down on costs:

  • Negotiatable rates – Because you’re not dealing with a standard lease, there’s always room for negotiation. Investigate what the comparable spaces are renting for in your area, and recognize that you may have the upper hand in negotiations—your business can go anywhere, and it’s up to the leasing company to persuade you to take on their space.
  • Lower overhead – Often, temporary office spaces may include water, sewage, electricity, and heat within the initial rental agreement. You may be able to bundle the entirety of your utilities and significantly lower the overhead of your day-to-day operations.
  • Avoid additional fees – Deposits, move-in fees, and other costly add-ons can be avoided completely with a short term office rental. Because your lease is less than a year, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to account for hidden charges. 
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#3. Lease Flexibility

A growing business needs flexibility. For many burgeoning start-ups, growth can be exponential making it impossible to know what your business needs will be in the future. Avoid being locked into an unyielding rental contract that could stifle your growth opportunities and restrict your business’s mobility by choosing a temporary and flexible office space.

What kind of flexibility does a temporary office space option offer? You can look forward to contract options including:

  • Non-tradition rental agreements – Are you only in the office a few days a week? Are you only looking to rent half of a furnished space? The more specific, the better when it comes to temporary office space. You can create a customized rental agreement that perfectly aligns with your company's needs.
  • Frequent renegotiations – Because your lease is only short-term, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to renegotiate as needed. If you find that you’re paying more than you’d like or not taking advantage of the services offered by your current office space, you can look forward to a new deal in the near future.
  • Scalability – Perhaps the most important aspect of a short-term office is ensuring your space scales with your business. In a traditional office space, you could deal with a shortage or excess of space depending on your staffing projections and growth outlook. In a short-term space, you’ll have the luxury of reorienting your office space to suit your business growth.

Another way to achieve flexibility within an office space is through hot desking. So what is hot desking? Hot desking allows for multiple workers to use the same work station at different times on a first-come, first-served basis.

#4. Digital Tools and Infrastructure

The modern business needs modern infrastructure. This can be a costly expenditure for those outfitting their own private office with state-of-the-art tools and services necessary to keep up with team and client demands.

Fortunately, a temporary office space will often include a suite of digital infrastructure services, allowing you to take advantage of services without extending your budget.

Temporary office spaces may include any of the following digital infrastructure packages:

  • Internet service and routers – High-speed, business-quality internet is a top priority for any business, but setting up a service and installing modems and routers can be costly and time-consuming. At a short-term office space, you may find everything already set up, ready for your business to spring into action on the very first day of occupation.
  • Telecommunication and conference tools – Today, more and more businesses are taking advantage of a range of telecommunication services to stay in touch with team members and clients remotely. With an in-house telecommunication service provider, you can look forward to more collaboration, more exchange, and more accountability across the board. 
  • IT support – Tech doesn’t always work as intended. When your tools and services fail you, it’s helpful to have a designated team to help you troubleshoot. Many short-term office spaces also provide a dedicated IT support team, ready to help you mitigate any unexpected problems.

#5. Inclusive Amenities

Managing a full office can mean organizing, analyzing, and paying for a long list of essential services. Often, companies require entire departments to manage their various services, but with temporary office space, these requirements are typically outsourced to the property owner, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

You may have the any of the following services already covered when you enter your temporary office space:

  • Custodial services – Bathrooms, trashcans, vacuuming, and lock-out services may all be included in a flexible office space lease. You can ensure your office remain neat, clean, and professional without hiring your own cleaning and custodial staff.
  • Trash and recycling – From the office to the landfill, managing trash and recycling services can be complicated depending on your municipality. From ordering dumpsters to scheduling bulk pickup, most temporary office spaces will have all of this taken care of before you walk through the door.
  • Maintenance – If something breaks, you can expect a fast response from the property owner. Unless otherwise noted in your lease agreement, most temporary office spaces come with full-maintenance services. Avoid long phone calls and scheduling frustrations once and for all.

#5. Quick Set-Up

Business success often depends on your ability to keep growing, expanding, and elevating your service. By choosing a temporary office space, you can avoid the massive downtime of traditional real-estate rentals and purchases. 

Where a standard lease may require weeks or months of waiting, organizing, renovating, and recalibrating, temporary office spaces are designed for a fast move-in at your convenience.

Your temporary office can already have:

  • Decorations
  • Furnishing
  • Functional utilities 
  • Phones

Along with the convenience of these services, you’ll have the advantage of seamlessly transitioning your businesses into your new space. Your business could have a whole new space and a whole new look in a matter of hours.

#6. Community Building and Networking

Businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. Whether you’re dealing with manufacturers, suppliers, or other businesses in your industry, your temporary office space could become a hub of networking and community building.

Consider how you might connect with your network at your temporary office:

  • Events and meet-and-greets
  • Educational conferences
  • Personal invitations

You could even find your office becoming a central location for industry organizations and cross-network meetings, creating more opportunities for your business as well as your collaborators.

#7. Easy Hiring

Looking to expand your team? While remote hiring is always a possibility, it’s not necessarily the preferred choice for hiring managers and business owners. With a temporary office, you can organize professional, in-person meetings where you can speak to candidates without technical issues and complications. 

You can use your temporary office space for every part of the hiring process, including:

  • Interviews
  • Onboarding
  • Training sessions
  • HR meetings

You may find the hiring process significantly easier when conducted in a temporary office space. A neutral environment and in-person approach could also help attract and retain more qualified candidates.

#8. Higher Employee Satisfaction

A temporary office space could be pragmatic and advantageous for your entire roster. Not only will they have the opportunity to take advantage of the previously mentioned services and conveniences, but they may also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Designated space – A temporary office space can provide employees with a designated area to work. With a clear delineation between work and home, you can encourage a better work-life balance and keep work matters in the office.
  • Comfort – Temporary office spaces are your chance to bring a little comfort to the office. You may have the option to furnish the space with inspiring decor and pleasant furnishing, ensuring every team member feels welcome.
  • Positive atmosphere – By catering to your team members and investing in an inspiring space, you can help elevate team morale, enjoyment, and pride. With a positive atmosphere, you could see a boost in productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Build The Perfect Office with Juniper

A short-term office space could offer long-term benefits. There’s no need to sign up for a multi-year contract to push your business to the next level with an energizing office space. If you’re ready to begin building your next space, Juniper has the design services you need to help plan and furnish your office. 

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