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Top 4 Corporate Office Design Ideas

Looking to create a productive, collaborative workspace for your employees? Read our guide to the top corporate office design ideas.

Are you looking for some office space design inspiration? Look no further! Here are our top 4 tried-and-true styles, straight from the experts in our design trade program, for designing your workspace:

The Modern Office

The mark of a modern office is not only its modern looks, but the use of modern technology. If you want to modernize your office, stick with clean lines and quality tech. Height-adjustable office desk options are all the rage in modern office space design (and for good reason). Our Think Desk offers both the elegance you look for in a modern corporate office as well as the power needed to get your work done.

4 professionals enjoying their work at desks with frosted glass dividers

The Anti-Office Office

Something that is becoming more common in the office is making it look less like an office with private offices and executive desks. Many companies (with the help of an interior designer) are taking the approach of designing their offices like “home” to make employees feel comfortable while they work. Touches of home in office interior design might include comfortable office furniture like loveseats or arm chairs and plenty of plants as office decor. Creating a comfortable and communal break room and kitchen area will be central to this design idea as well.

2 men sitting in gray and navy lounge furniture and having a conversation

The Hybrid Office

A mélange of in-person and working from home, the hybrid office is on the rise due to the flexibility it gives workers. When designing the physical office interior that employees will visit primarily to come and collaborate with their coworkers, it’s important to emphasize meeting room spaces. Whether it’s tables on wheels, movable glass walls, or a classy conference room, your employees will feel inspired to come to work.

People sitting at training tables on casters in chairs with casters working on projects together

The Safer Office

Now this is a corporate office design that can be integrated into any of the other office design ideas: modern office design, anti-office, hybrid, and more. In a time where safety is perhaps one of the biggest priorities, it’s important that your office makes considerations. Small office pods or booths are one way that employees can work in a safe distance and dividers on or around workstations help provide protection and separation without compromising the open office concept.

Woman sitting working alone in a gray pod

Which office design will you choose? Let us know how we can help make your workspace dreams a reality!

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