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What is a Credenza?

What is a credenza? Discover what this type of cabinet is and where to put this in your house or office.

Sometimes, we need a little extra storage space, but without a storage ‘look’. Enter a lovely piece of furniture simply titled credenza. Once upon a time, credenzas were used as decorative items, often part of your drawing room furniture. 

The name refers to the Italian word ‘credenze’ which translates to ‘belief’ in English. Fun history factoid: in times past, it was used as a place where the servants would sample the wines before serving it to the elites. This ritual was done to check the wines for poisons, which apparently was quite common back in that day. 

With the passage of time, the use of credenzas for this initial purpose became more rare. They were then used as decorative furniture, largely due to their unique and often elegant design. 

These days, credenzas are used mostly for storage and decoration. Most designs come with cabinets or even drawers in some cases, creating extra storage space for all the things. 

They are even considered a staple in a well-designed dining room. However, credenzas are multipurpose and look good anywhere in your home or even in your office. 

How are Credenzas Different?

Credenzas are often confused with buffet tables and sideboards. However, there are a few crucial differences between the three. Let’s take a look at the features of each. 


Credenzas are often longer than they are wide, with a low height that’s closer to the floor. They either have very short legs to stand on, or no legs at all. Most credenzas come with sliding doors. Most credenzas are also created with a narrow to medium-sized width. A credenza cabinet can also be used for many purposes including credenza under desk storage. Credenzas can also be used in the living room, as a tv stand, and as office furniture as one of the types of filing cabinets.


Sideboards are taller in comparison to credenzas. Most sideboards come up to waist height. Like credenzas, they have very short or no legs. They are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Unlike credenzas, most sideboards come with cabinets and cupboards to store items. Some also come with a hutch to display decorative knick knacks. Most sideboards veer to the narrow side in width.

Buffet Tables 

Last but not the least are buffet tables. These tables are designed specifically serving food buffet style. For this purpose, buffet tables are long, just like a credenza, but they are also wide to fit all the buffet items. Buffet tables also come with long, sturdy legs. Buffet tables are not nearly as versatile as the other two types of cabinets, and they are almost exclusively used in dining rooms. 

Where to Use a Credenza

You can use credenzas in many different ways, depending on their style. Be sure to check out our website, we have a range of credenzas available to suit your home or office needs. 

Dining Room Credenza 

A classic way of using a credenza is to place it in the dining room. You can use at as an accessory table to place any decorative dishes and crockery items. 

You can also use it as a buffet table, by draping it with a table cloth and placing all of your food items in the center, with crockery and drinks on either side. You can also use it just for appetizers and drinks, and use the main dining table for the dinner spread, or convert it into a dessert bar. 

Foyer Credenza 

The foyer or entryway of your home is where people receive their first impressions upon entering through the front door. For an elegantly designed foyer, place a credenza against the wall and decorate it with your favorite knick knacks. 

Be sure to place any tall décor items on the side, like table lamps or flower vases. Place some low-lying pieces in the center, such as candles, a key tray, pictures, etc. To take your foyer design up a notch, add a mirror over the credenza, or decorate with a large piece of wall art as a backdrop.

Beverage Bar Credenza 

Another great way of using a credenza is as a beverage bar. The cabinets inside a credenza can be used to store extra bottles, ice buckets, pitchers, and jars. You can use the top to display your collection of drinks, along with glasses. Simply place a mirror-surface or marble tray on top of the credenza and put your glasses on that!

Office / Home Office Credenza 

Finally, you can even use a conference room credenza in an office or a home office. Use it to store documents, files, notebooks, binders, and other office paraphernalia. Use the top surface to display career-related shields, medals, or other things you like to show off. Juniper Office Furniture Solutions offers a conference room credenza to keep things organized.

Credenzas are surprisingly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Even better, they come in a variety of styles, which means it will be easy to find one that suits your decorative tastes! From decorative pieces to storage furniture, they have multiple uses for different spaces.