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Why Purchase Bulk Office Furniture?

Looking to buy office furniture in bulk? We can help! Read on to learn more about what to consider when buying bulk office furniture.


There are several benefits in purchasing furniture in bulk. While it might not be right for everyone, there are many situations where it makes good business sense.

At Juniper Office, we recognize the value of allowing our clients to buy products in bulk, and are happy to help you get started with bulk office furniture discounts and free design services


Pros of Purchasing Bulk Office Furniture

If you need to furnish a bigger office space or even multiple offices, buying your office furniture in bulk is a great way to go about it. 

Buying in Bulk is Cost Efficient

Probably the biggest benefit of buying furniture––and any other product––in bulk, is that it’s cost efficient. This is because bulk purchases, or bulk orders, save on shipping and delivery fees, while also requiring less packing material and labor. When you are buying large items, like a cubicle workstation, these savings can add up.

Depending on the company, many brands might also offer discounts and/or free shipping once a minimum order quantity is reached. Plus, buying in bulk simply saves time, and in the world of business, time is money. 

Buying in Bulk is Customizable

When buying a product in bulk, many brands will give you a chance to customize your products to best fit your needs. This is because for larger orders, customizations are more affordable, without reducing the profit margin. This holds true for online orders, as well as in-person buying. 

Buying in Bulk May Offer More Variety 

As with customization, bulk buying office furniture could give you access to more variety among the products you’re selecting, provided they’re all in the same price range. This variety might be in the form of different colors among the same furniture item, or even minor variety and changes in the designs and features of the furniture items. 

Buying Bulk Offers More Uniform Quality

When you buy things separately, even if there’s just a one day difference between orders; the product can sometimes vary. 

However, when buying products in bulk, there is a big chance all the furniture items were manufactured and assembled or packed the same day, resulting in more uniformity in the product quality. 

Think of it similar to ordering floor tile. You have to order all the tile from the same lot, or there could be some noticeable differences in your flooring once it’s been laid. 

What to Consider Before Purchasing Bulk Office Furniture

Although there are many benefits to buying furniture in bulk, there are still things that should be considered beforehand. Sometimes it may not make sense for you to purchase furniture in bulk. 

Consider the Quantity Needed

The first thing to consider is the quantity or amount of furniture items you need. Bulk buying furniture is cost-effective if you need multiple items like desks, low open shelves, conference tables, private office furniture, or break room furniture. If you only need a couple items, bulk buying may not be the way to go.

Otherwise, you could end up buying things you don’t need, thereby increasing your storage and purchase costs, or you don’t buy enough things for the bulk cost that’s split per item to be affordable. In either situation, that could be bad for your business and your bottom line. 

Consider the Space You Have Available

The second thing to consider is your space. The amount of office furniture you need depends entirely on the space you have. There are only so many people––and their office chairs and desks––that can fit into a limited space.

If your office is small and you don’t need that many furniture items, the cost of buying in bulk may not be as efficient as buying your items individually. 

Additionally, if you buy more furniture than you need just for the sake of buying in bulk, you’ll have to figure out a way to store extra items, which means you just ate up any savings you may have gained. 

Consider What Your Office Truly Needs 

Finally, before purchasing bulk furniture always determine what your office needs and wants first. For example, if you’re designing a healthy and supportive work environment, you might want to invest in ergonomic chairs and desks. 

Additionally, think about things like size and dimensions. You have to make sure the furniture you purchase will fit the space you have in mind. You should also consider what items might need replacing most frequently, so that you know to order extra. 

Buying office furniture in bulk can be a great and cost-efficient way to furnish your office space. Juniper's office furniture solutions offers bulk furniture discounts with fast shipping and free design services included. Evaluate what specifically your office needs, and then decide if a bulk purchase is the right avenue for your business. Or better yet, contact our team to handle the heavy lifting and lay your space out for you, free of charge!