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Your Must-Have WFH Checklist

You know you need a home office, but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s your complete checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

You know you need a home office, but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s your complete checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Location, Location, Location
Before anything, it’s important to decide where your home office will be located. If you don’t have a room to spare, you can get creative! Section off part of one of your other living areas to create a cozy home workspace, renovate a shed, or even use a closet

First, the desk.
Now that you’ve claimed a space for your home office, the first step is choosing the perfect desk. This may seem daunting because there are so many great and unique choices out there, but we actually already wrote a blog post that’s meant to help you find the perfect office furniture for your specific needs! Check it out here.

Here are some of our favorite home office desks:

Take a seat.
Even if you choose a sit-to-stand desk, you’ll need a chair for the moments you can’t be on your feet. For ultimate comfort and adjustability for long hours, try a supportive task chair like the Respira, Tour or Infuse. For a comfy yet sophisticated look, the Repose Chair comes in a light gray linen with three different base options to choose from. For a more midcentury modern look, the Acadia Chair may be right up your alley. There are many styles with different features you can explore before deciding!

Store your stuff.
Science says a messy desk may have stimulated the genius of the likes of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. No one’s stopping you from trying this technique to unlock your inner smartypants, but if a clean desk helps you focus (or if you need a snack drawer), you’ll need storage space. Some desks come with drawers or you can add items like the Personal Storage Drawer and the Storage Hook that mount directly underneath your desk for easy access. If you need something that’s got more room or can hold heavier items, try a Low Lateral File. If you need your storage to move with you, any of our Box File Mobile Pedestals have the wheels for the job.

Mount your monitors.
If you spend your day on the computer, it often isn’t enough to have just your laptop or computer screen. Most people today will have at least one monitor screen to do their work. With sturdy, ergonomic monitor arms, you can keep your head up and relieve your neck of the pain of looking down all day. You can even get Dual Monitor Arms in black, silver, or white to match your space. 

Power it up.
Much like the light, power is essential to most any home office (unless you primarily do your work on stone tablets or live in the middle of nowhere). Once you have your desk, you will quickly see where your power and USB outlets need to be for the easiest access. Whether it’s an Under Surface Module, Grommet Power, or a Desktop Power Module, Juniper’s got you covered. And we always highly recommend a cable tray to avoid tripping over all those cords!

Keep it quiet.
Your home office needs to become your sanctum, and a sanctum is rarely noisy. Even if you live alone, it’s doubtful you can completely escape noise. To create a quieter space, the best approach is to soundproof any windows in your home office using caulk, weather stripping, or window inserts. But, there are simpler ways to decrease noise, like area rugs, door snakes, wall art, and acoustic panels. Products like PET Room Divider Panels absorb sound which not only makes your space quieter, but also improves sound for people on the other end of your video conference or phone call. 

Make it YOU!
Whether you want to go all out creating Pinterest boards for your home office aesthetic or you’re a simple minimalist, this is the part where you can really let your style shine. Hang pictures or wall art, buy your office supplies, pot a plant, and select desk organizers. 

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed about getting what you need, check out our Home Office Bundles that combine curated products for complete solutions. Happy creating!


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