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CSI Pharmacy

Nationwide pharmaceutical and infusion company, CSI Pharmacy, embarked on a mission with us to design and furnish a dynamic workplace tailored to their expansion aspirations, starting with their Cincinnati facility. With speed as our specialty, we designed a layout of workstations, private offices, conference rooms, an infusion room, and more—all installed within a month. 

Understanding the pulse of CSI Pharmacy's business, we curated robust finishes built to endure daily use in high-traffic spaces like the infusion room, along with designing spaces for internal office use. Our long-standing partnership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering fast solutions, high-quality products, and cohesive designs across nearly 20 CSI Pharmacy locations. So, whether it's in Cincinnati or beyond, rest assured that Juniper Office has your back as we are equipped to take your brand to the next level with consistent results across each location.

"Using our 3D Design Services, we created a layout that satisfied each of their workspaces using our Quick Ship products and finishes. The seamless process has resulted in about 20 other projects with CSI Pharmacy across the country."  
– Jared Hewines, Juniper Sales Lead

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