Focus Pod

Focus Pod


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Escaping the buzz of the office is easy with the Focus Pod. Thanks to the Focus Pod’s sound-absorbing design, you can take calls, work heads-down, or do anything that requires some quiet time. Privacy included!

  • Designed for easy assembly 
  • Sound-absorbing design 
  • Comfortable foam seating 
  • Optional monitor mount
  • Integrated lighting 

+ Add an under-surface power module to keep your team plugged in 


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W 57" D 33.5" H 81.25"

Exterior Color: Slate Gray
Interior Color: Baltic Gray
Seat Color: Baltic Gray

100% Polyester

Surface Specs:
Eco friendly recycled content core
Thermo-fused melamine
NO pre-drilled holes


What are Focus Pods?

A focus pod is a high-level work booth with a table surface that limits visual distractions and allows you to work uninterrupted. The pod’s sleek sound-absorbing design makes it perfect for reading, remote meetings, or completing individual-focused work. This versatile office furniture unit elevates your work environment while providing extra seating and space.

What's the difference between Booths and Pods?

While both reduce noise, booths are fully enclosed and aligned with acoustic panels giving you the best acoustic performance. Pods, on the other hand, have an open-space design that allows you to flow in and out with ease. Whether it's a one-person booth or a 4-person pod, Juniper office provides the best office furniture for your breakout spaces. Unsure of what meeting pod works best for your office space? Browse our wide range of Office Pod Booth, or mix and match to give your employees the best options for their own productivity.

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