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3 Office Game Room Ideas

A little break from the daily stress can help. This is why most offices have made sure to include game rooms. Read on for the best office game room ideas.

Designing an office game room can be a fun way to incorporate a little rest and recreation into your office, so that your team has a place to unwind and blow off steam during a long or difficult work day. 

Not only that, a gaming room can be a great way to foster relationships between team members. It’s hard to be mad at your office mate in the midst of a lively game where everyone is laughing, competing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Juniper has 3D space planning services to help you design your next office space.

What is a Game Room?

Just what it sounds like! A game room is basically just a recreation room, equipped with some gaming items. It usually also contains various seating arrangements, including lounging couches, as well as gaming chairs and wall decor. 

What are the Advantages of a Game Room in the Office?

There are several advantages to creating an office game room.

An Office Game Room Boosts Energy

It’s no secret that sitting at a desk all day, everyday, diminishes your productivity and motivation while also being detrimental to your physical health. Sitting all day means you often experience low energy levels, because you’re doing nothing to keep your mind and body stimulated. 

Gaming rooms with a gaming setup in the office can be just the thing that your team members need perk up their energy levels and get their motivation back. Taking a break to have some active fun can recharge both the mind and the body, and allow them to refocus on their work and be more productive once they’re back at it. 

An Office Game Room Promotes Friendly Competition

A game room in the office can be a perfect place to promote a little friendly competition among your employees and team members through a board game, card games, or even an arcade game. Light-hearted and fun activities can reduce the stress of a challenging work environment, while also enhancing and smoothing out any angst in personal relationships between your team members. 

An Office Game Room is Ideal for Team-Building and Collaboration

Having a game room installed in your office can create a perfect opportunity to build and support interpersonal communication between different members of your team. 

Once a group of people establish a relationship dynamic between themselves while playing games and having fun, that dynamic often follows them into their work space as well. 

That’s why an office break room with a gaming room setup and game table is ideal for spaces for team building exercises and also are great places for employees to make new friends and enhance their network. 

An Office Game Room Boosts Creativity

Nothing boosts creativity like getting the blood flowing with some of your employees’ favorite games! A break from the stresses of the office in the midst of a heavy work day, can be exactly the thing everyone needs to juice up their creativity and ignite fresh sparks of innovation. 

An Office Game Room Looks Attractive

If your office is recruiting and trying to impress potential employees, a game room rarely fails! When you have a well-designed game room in the office with nice office furniture, and a ping pong table, foosball table, pool table, or air hockey table, it shows prospective employees that your company cares about the mental and physical wellbeing of your team members and that you don’t just treat your workers like machines.

What are the Best Office Game Room Ideas?

Some of the most successful ideas for a game room design in the office depend on the following factors. Nail these three things to achieve your desired game room idea, and your game room will undoubtedly be the most popular spot in the office. 


The type of games you offer and the gaming accessories you bring will determine how much people actually visit your game room and enjoy it. Any games you choose must be selected after considering the total available space, as well as the space required for each game, along with demographic details of your employees. 

For instance, if your team members are older, video games might not be ideal. However, if your team members are mostly young 20 somethings, video game stations or a gaming console equipped for pc gaming so employees could play games like Super Mario may well be a perfect fit. 


Lighting can make or break the design of your break room or game room in the office. A lot of people go with colored lights to enhance the fun elements of their game room design. Good lighting could also enhance any wall art or floating shelves you decide to hang. However, again always consider the type of gamers who will be using the game room the most, to determine what kind of lighting will suit everyone best. 


Acoustics are another important factor to consider when considering a game room idea. Many games either have sound effects, or can get a little loud and rowdy. Soundproof wall panels in your gaming area to make sure the rest of the office isn’t disturbed would definitely not be remiss. Good acoustics could also help if you decide to install a TV with a TV stand. You can go with wall-mounted acoustic panels, or floor or ceiling ones, depending on the game room design. 

Creating an office game room can be very attractive to potential new recruits, and if you have the space for it, the many benefits it can offer your team members makes designing one a no brainer. Juniper has office furniture solutions from space planning to office reconfiguration services to help you achieve an office space that keeps your employees happy and productive.