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6 Ways to Transform Your Office Break Room

Wondering what you should have in an office break room? We've got you covered! Read on for top office break room improvements to boost employee morale

An office break room is a popular feature for many busy offices, because everyone needs to take breaks throughout their work day in order to be their most productive and efficient. Not all break rooms are created equal though. 

Keep reading to discover a few ways to transform your break room from ho hum into a place that offers your team members a great place to clear their heads and recalibrate. Juniper is here to help with 3D space planning services that can help transform your office, from the break room to the conference room, and everywhere in between.

What is a Break Room?

A break room is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a relaxing space for your employees that they can escape to periodically throughout the work day to rest and recharge, and renew their focus and motivation. 

The main purpose of a breakroom is to provide a safe space for people to put their proverbial feet up; a place they can socialize, eat a healthy snack, and relax, as needed. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Break Room?

Some break rooms may have been designed poorly, or may simply need an overhaul because it’s time leading to poor workplace culture. Below are some of the top reasons to consider upgrading your office break room.

A Great Break Room Boosts Productivity

When you have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that can suck the productivity and life out of anyone. However, when employees have access to a break room and break room services during their lunch break, especially one that is thoughtfully designed for their comfort, it can give their minds a much needed break during a challenging workday. 

Even if your team members only use the office break rooms for a few minutes, it offers mental and physical wellbeing enhancements that boost employee morale. Team members can have healthy break room snacks, relax, and then return to their work tasks recharged and focused for maximum productivity.

A Great Break Room Boosts Morale

The absence of an employee break room in an office, or a poorly designed or equipped break room, can unfortunately cast your company in a bad light, especially in today’s culture where mental and physical health are so valued. 

A well equipped break area however, can make employees feel respected and cared for by their employers, boosting morale and increasing overall job satisfaction and employee productivity. 

A Great Break Room Improves Your Brand Image

Following that same line of thought, when your office is visited by potential employees or prospective clients, a break room can improve your brand image.

This is because a company that allows employees to take breaks and even goes so far as to provide them with things needed to make those breaks as comfortable as possible, shows outsiders how sensitive and human-centric your company is.  

What are the Best Office Break Room Improvements?

While no break room is perfect, there are a handful of things every break room should definitely feature. 

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee 

For many people, coffee is the elixir of life. Having access to freshly brewed from a coffee maker or coffee machine, or even instant coffee, can be a boon for many of your employees. You can offer various beverage options such as tea and coffee to make sure there is something for everyone. The coffee station can also be enhanced with a drinks fridge to incorporate some non-caffeinated drinks and cold drinks. 

Include Snacks

Seriously, if you want to make people happy, give them free office break room snacks. Possibly the one of the best upgrades to any break room is to include a snack bar or nook. It should be filled with multiple snack options, healthy and/or otherwise. Some easy options might be crackers and cookies, as well as fresh fruits. 

Decorate with Plants

Adding even a single plant to a room can instantly change the whole feel of the space and make it seem more put together. For a breakroom, since the whole idea is to create a relaxing space for your employees, plants are a great idea. Green plants are known to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Add both floor plants and small table plants throughout the space. 

Include a Book Shelf 

A standard book shelf or rack, equipped with some classic books, along with some books relating to your field of work, and perhaps some genre fiction, can be a great addition to any break room. You can also include magazines for people to flip through while eating. Not everyone may be a reader, but those who are will love this little feature.

Incorporate Flexible Seating

If your break room doesn’t already have this, a useful upgrade can be to bring in some flexible seating and comfortable office furniture. Think couches, single sofas, chairs, and stools throughout the break room, arranged so everyone can be seated comfortably.


Sometimes it’s the accessories that truly show the thoughtfulness behind office décor. For a break room, try using accessories that are both useful and visually pleasing. Make sure there is some artwork in the room, as well as useful items such as a whiteboard or message board, so people can communicate as needed. 

An office break room doesn’t have to be super fancy, but there are definitely some office game room ideas that can transform a very basic room into something a little ‘extra’ to make your employees feel truly valued. Use Juniper’s office furniture solutions to spice up your office space today.