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Best Modern Office Design Ideas for 2021

Looking for the top trends in office design in 2021? Read our guide to modern office design.

What does “modern” even mean anymore? Is contemporary the same thing? How do I design an office space with modern elements but stay within budget? Here you’ll find the answers to all these burning questions and more, so hold on to your seat!

Modern vs. Contemporary

It’s easy to confuse modern and contemporary interior design because at first glance, they sound very similar. However, they do have their differences like while a modern design favors wood, a contemporary one favors metal. Many interior designers have provided ample comparisons of the two, describing the historical inspiration for both styles and the types of materials and colors used in each style. Although there is a difference between a modern office space and a contemporary space, when we talk about the modern office, we’re talking about more than just the style of furniture. A modern office space is also defined by the culture it cultivates and how it can adapt.

Designing a Modern Office

In the office furniture industry, there is more to modern design than simply choosing the right fabrics. Here are several main tenants to designing a modern office workplace:

1. Sustainability

Modern office designs are energy efficient and emphasize biophilic design. Many companies are starting to be held accountable for their environmental footprint by stakeholders and consumers alike. Whether it’s switching the office environment’s light bulbs to LED, adding moss walls for some color and sound absorption, or buying furniture that is eco-friendly and recyclable, creating a sustainability-focused modern office layout is easier than you’d think.

2. Technology Integration

One of the defining characteristics of anything modern style is cutting-edge technology. We often hear the phrase “cutting-edge” and see dollar signs; however, good technology in your modern workplace does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Height-adjustable workstations do wonders for employee health, and entire pods of workstations can easily have power integration.

3 colleagues discussing a project at a laptop on a Live Edge height-adjustable desk

3. Accessibility and Inclusion

From having an office layout that is ADA compliant to adjustable workstations, accessibility should be in every aspect of the design for a modern office. Offices can also use light, modular furniture that can be moved for better ease of movement throughout the office, even with mobility aids. Companies that have modern office designs may also consider having assistive devices available for the needs of their employees or visitors.

4. Employee Health and Safety

Not only is it important to provide a physically safe office environment (whether that’s security measures or access to clean bathrooms), a true modern style office promotes mental wellness. There are so many ways to promote employee well-being, but one of the most basic ways to do this is to maintain a clean and orderly modern workplace . Ergonomic office furniture also helps employees feel good and lets them know their company cares about their health.

Ergo stools at small tables in modern space

5. Hybrid

The most recent way to design a modern office is to keep the idea of a hybrid office in mind. (If you’re not sure what a hybrid office is, check out our quick guide here.) One of the most important aspects of a hybrid corporate office design concept is flexibility. You can offer flexibility in your modern office design by repurposing furniture to suit new needs or selecting furniture that is easy to reconfigure for your flexible workspace. Such as modular training tables


Now you’re ready to start creating your own modern office! Remember: thinking of the needs of your employees will help you create the best workspace possible rather than focusing on aesthetics. If you need help getting the ball rolling, our expert project managers are here to help!

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