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How to Keep Staff Happy At Work

There are many benefits to working for a company, not the least of which is earning a great paycheck week after week. After all, team members are there to make money, and when it’s good money they can count on, they're often happier in the workplace. 

However, though it helps, making steady money––or even a lot of money––is not the only thing that keeps productive employees happy. You may need to invest in some office reconfiguration.There are other ways that you can keep employee satisfaction. Happy workers equal more productive, creative workers that are team players and leaders. That often means they aren’t just there to collect a paycheck, but to truly be a part of something bigger than themselves in the company culture. 

Businesses that foster a healthy, positive employee culture often experience phenomenal growth. That’s the power of happy workers! Below are some tips on how to keep staff happy and cultivate a culture of joy in the workplace.

Skip the Micromanaging

Really, just don’t do it. Not only is it stressful for you, but it’s frustrating for your employees as well. Need some ideas to improve office productivity? Trust is essential, otherwise you probably shouldn’t have hired them in the first place. Once you delegate a task or project out, give your staff member the leeway to run with it without hovering over his or her shoulders. 

Pull Them into Your Brand Story

Keeping your team informed and on the same page, aligned with your company’s overall goals is a key aspect of keeping happy employees. Hold regular meetings, ask everyone to pull up a comfy chair, and engage with your team.

Trust doesn’t happen without communication, so talking about your company’s goals for the future and bringing them into some of your processes helps them feel as though they are a part of something, and that they are valued. When they trust your vision and feel like they are a part of it, they are happier in their work environment. 

Understand the Balancing Act of Work and Life

Of course, work is important, but so is life. Employers that understand how valuable that work-life balance is and make moves to incorporate some balance into their employee’s work day, makes for happier and more productive staff members all across the board. 

Employees appreciate small breaks here and there in the midst of a hectic day! Make sure you have a lounge area set up with a few smaller tables and chairs, so they can socialize a bit during their downtime with other coworkers. 

Make Milestone Celebrations a Culture Habit

Whether it’s personal milestones or team milestones, make it a habit to notice what your office staff is doing well and what goals they are accomplishing. When you see something done well, say something! Everyone could use a little encouragement in their day, and employers who regularly recognize and call out important contributions and achievements will foster happiness and loyalty in their staff members.

Create Fun Staff Perks

Set employees into a little friendly competition to meet goals, and then reward the winners with perks, like the option to dress casual on Fridays, or free meals for a month. Other perks to consider might be tickets to a football game, new office furniture, or a concert, something you know most of your employees would enjoy. Just be sure to stick to a budget for these types of things!

Reward Performers with Extra Vacay Days

Incremental vacation days can be a great option for top performers in your company, not only motivating them to continue to do well but also giving them some well-deserved extra time with friends and family in the process. You already know they will do an amazing job, so why not reward that kind of dedication and commitment? 

You can also reward them with smaller things like extra break times during the work day to sit comfortably in the lounge area, relax and recharge.

Offer Career Development and Training

Providing opportunities for additional training and mentoring can play a key role in creating satisfied and motivated employees who are ultimately happier and more content in their roles. When they know there is an opportunity for growth and advancement and are given a clear path on how to get there, they are less likely to leave your company for elsewhere. Regular discussions with your individual team members on their career trajectory and ways you can help them get there, also continues to build trust and loyalty because they feel valued.

Commit to Action, Not Just Empty Words

No company is perfect. When you ask employees for feedback, it’s one thing to listen and say you understand. But it’s really all in how you respond and address the issues and concerns they’ve brought to the table. Be transparent with your team on both successes and areas where things could be improved as their employer, and on how you plan to move forward with improvements in mind. 

Learning how to keep staff happy is really the easy part. It’s implementing what you learn and moving forward in a positive direction that can pose the most challenges. Start with some of these tips we’ve provided to begin creating company culture changes. Soon you’ll begin to create some momentum and find not only are your employees happier, so are you!