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A Breakdown of Office Pod & Phone Booth Costs

How much do office pods and office phone booths cost? Read on to figure out if these two additions will be helpful for your office needs.

Open office plans are a flexible, modern solution that many businesses are turning to—and for good reasons. Designed to facilitate communication between employees and foster accountability, these attractive layouts have been implemented in both boutique businesses and companies with thousands of employees. 

But it’s also essential that your office workers have the spaces they need to focus and find quiet when needed. This is where office meeting pods and phone booths can become a major benefit. But how much will it cost to implement these solutions in your workplace?

Ahead, we’ll break down each of these options and the costs to consider as you aim to elevate your workspace and satisfy employees.

What is an Office Pod?

An office meeting pod is a modular, mobile partial, or fully soundproofed structure that can fit directly into your office. You can think of them as small enclosed nooks, complete with seating and sometimes desks. Your workers can use these spaces to steal away for a private meeting, Zoom conference, or deep concentration. 

There are a bevy of benefits associated with office pods. Here are a few highlights:

  • They may heighten job satisfaction by offering employees more flexibility in the office–they can collaborate with a colleague for several minutes, then retreat to an office pod to perform “deep work” or take a breather.
  • They may boost productivity levels by blocking out noise or any other distraction.
  • Pods can encourage mindfulness and well-being, giving employees a break from the hustle and bustle of the office.
  • They can increase the quality and value of meetings by giving employees a dedicated, quiet space to focus while on a call.

Offices around the globe have gotten creative with the idea—and not just for work purposes. Nap pods, yoga pods, meditation pods, and “energy” pods–such as what you’ll find at Google–have been woven into office plans to revitalize workers and boost output.

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What About Office Phone Booths?

Office phone booths are exactly as they sound: They are enclosures that can be installed in an office to provide employees with privacy and space to conduct meetings and calls without the interruptions commonly seen in offices. 

But they’re not restricted solely to calls or meetings. Like office pods, they function as a respite for employees. Here are just a handful of advantages a quiet space can offer to employees:

  • Bolstered self-awareness
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Enhanced mood
  • Enriched concentration

The benefits of an office phone booth extend to your clients and customers, too. The silence or reduced noise these booths offer can give clients and consumers the ability to focus on your employee’s words and presence, improving office productivity.

What Do Office Pods and Phone Booths Cost?

It’s easy to see how these solutions can be a benefit in today’s office spaces. But if you’re considering adding a few to your workplace, you may be wondering: What does a room office pod cost? And how much does a phone booth cost?

Office pods and office phone booths may be an investment for your company, but they’re not prohibitively costly either.

Comparing meeting rooms vs. office pods, the cost depends on:

  • Design (either a mobile, flexible structure, or a modular model)
  • Size
  • Quality of sound engineering
  • Additional features, including monitors and AV setups
  • Completely enclosed vs open-roofed options
  • Power and lighting
  • Style
  • Upholstery 
  • Furniture
  • Manufacturer
  • Compliance

The price of an office pod is generally broken down by size. Pods that are less than 13 square feet are generally between $21,750 and $24,500. Let’s look at this closer:

  • Two-person pods: $15,750-$17,750
  • Four-person pods: $13,500-$19,500
  • Four to eight-person conference pods: $18,750-$42,500

Office phone booths, on the other hand, offer both partial and complete soundproofing. Because they’re typically smaller, they also typically cost less–between $3,995 and $11,500. You can choose between a solo office phone booth with SRO (standing-room only), or opt for a plusher, single-person space complete with seating and a desk. Two to four-person phone booths are also available to give employees the opportunity to conduct private and semi-private conversations in a comfortable space.

An office pod and office phone booth supplier can help you navigate these particulars to ensure you make the soundest decision.

Why Should I Install Office Pods and an Office Phone Booth in My Office?

In addition to the benefits outlined above, consider the lasting impact the pandemic and remote work has had on employees who have returned—or are returning—to the office after two-plus years of performing their tasks off-site. They’ve grown accustomed to the flexibility, autonomy, solitude, and quiet working from home allows them. 

Implementing an office pod or phone booth can increase their satisfaction and improve employee retention, while still allowing for plenty of flexibility and collaboration in your workplace.

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Finding solutions that work for you and your employees can require a little creativity. But with options like office pods and phone booths, you can give workers the ability to choose the environment that works best for them—right from within your workplace.

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