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Office Meeting Pods: Uses & Benefits

Are meeting pods beneficial for the office? Learn more about their benefits, cost, and why they could be a smart investment for the office.

What if you could have complete peace and quiet during your work call or team meeting—a secluded oasis to completely focus on the task at hand?

The good news? It’s possible.

With office pods, you can work on your own or host a private meeting with colleagues in a quiet, semi-private environment that’s tucked away from the noise and distractions of the office.

In this article, we dive into the details of meeting pods, including what they are, how you can use them, and the advantages they can provide for everyone in the office.

What Is a Meeting Pod?

As its moniker suggests, a meeting pod is an enclosed semi-private space where coworkers can meet (or seek a moment alone) in a quiet setting. In essence, it’s a mini-environment within the larger office ecosystem that provides you with a distraction-free backdrop to complete your tasks.

Some look at an indoor office pod and think of it as a luxury cubicle. While they can be lavish, they’re anything but just a cubicle. In addition to the modern comforts of a workspace (e.g., a workspace, chair, outlets, and wi-fi), they’re often adorned with other advantages, like:

  • Acoustic paneling – Acoustic panels are soft-furnished panels used to improve the sound quality in a room.1 In addition to creating clear and crisp sounds in the pod, you can also customize the paneling according to size and color, adding an extra stylistic flair to the pod’s interior.
  • Soundproofing – Some pods are equipped to silence the noises that occur outside so you can relax and enjoy a moment of tranquility. Once you’re in the pod, try using the silence to refresh your mindset or brainstorm that terrific idea that came to you during your last team meeting.
  • Ventilation – Floor to ceiling meeting pods have built-in air ventilation that maintains a constant flow of fresh (and air-conditioned) air for its guests.
  • Lighting – While many pods have transparent walls that offer natural lighting, they also provide built-in light fixtures. They can be useful when you need the perfect lighting for a video call or are finishing up a few tasks as the workday comes to a close.
  • Various sizes – With every company comes a different set of needs that can help determine what size pods would benefit them most. You can choose from single-person pods, where employees can escape for an individual deep-focus session. Or, you may prefer a multi-person pod that comfortably fits four or more people seeking a quiet place to collaborate.
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What Are Meeting Pods Used For?

While it’s true that privacy pods for offices are often used for—gasp—meetings, they have the potential to be used for so much more. Whether you work in finance, marketing, or education, meeting pods are excellent for:

  • Working in a quiet setting – Working in a loud environment sometimes makes it challenging to concentrate, especially if you’re sensitive to noise. If you’re interested in creating a quiet escape that allows employees to hone in on their work tasks, a meeting pod is a fabulous solution to boost office productivity.
  • Refreshing and unwinding – Sometimes you need a break from the busy surroundings of an office setting. A meeting pod lets employees recharge their batteries so they can go back to work feeling more refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of their day.
  • Taking work calls – Have you ever been on an important work call only to be distracted by an excitable coworker and deprived of your ability to focus? No more. Make important calls in a meeting pod—distraction-free.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Meeting Pod in the Office?

The potential benefits of incorporating a meeting pod in an office are vast. In addition to offering a comfortable and reliable space to participate in meetings, some of the advantages you can expect from a meeting pod include privacy and productivity, among many others.

#1 Providing Privacy

Need to rehearse an upcoming presentation out loud?

You’d probably be much more comfortable reciting those PowerPoint slides if you didn’t have your office mates stealing glances at you as you rehearse. If only you had somewhere to practice in privacy.

That’s where the meeting pod comes in.

Simply slide into one of the small meeting pod’s comfortable seats and practice to your heart’s content.

There are plenty of other times you might appreciate a moment of privacy with the use of an office meeting pod, such as:

  • Discussing client-sensitive information
  • Reviewing your quarterly goals with a supervisor
  • Having a delicate conversation with a colleague

#2 Lessening The Noise Around You

Some employees are smitten with the recent popularity of open office spaces vs. cubicles and have fully embraced the sense of community that they can offer. Others, whether they prefer working alone or simply have a challenging time concentrating over the boisterous babbling of their coworkers, need a break from the chatter.

If you occasionally fall under the second category, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Enter the meeting pod. With acoustic paneling, the pod can absorb sound so that the noise around you isn’t as sharp as it would be otherwise. You can use it to find solace from some of the sounds so that you’re able to confidently focus on your daily tasks.

#3 Improving Productivity

Workplace distractions have been commonplace for years, but with the loss of individual office cubicles, it’s become easier to find yourself distracted from your work. 98% of workers say that other employees cause them to feel distracted at least three to four times a day,2 which can lead to:

  • More errors in your work
  • Decreased overall productivity

Spending time in a meeting pod away from visual and auditory distractions can increase your ability to focus on important tasks and increase your productivity. With a pod at your fingertips, you might even finish ahead of schedule!

#4 Offering Easy Installation

When compared to building and outfitting an entire meeting room, which can take weeks or longer to complete—and will likely interrupt your day-to-day activities—a meeting pod is much quicker and easier to install.

Often, small meeting pods can be assembled in a day or two, and the cost of installation is sometimes included in the purchase. They also frequently include lighting, ventilation, furniture, and other conveniences that would take much longer to construct in a new meeting room.

#5 Providing Efficiency

Meeting pods can be extremely efficient, especially when it comes to saving on office space:3

  • They’re space-efficient – Large meeting rooms are often used for three or four employees who only need the space for a quick meetup. Why not free up some of that unused space by replacing meeting rooms with meeting pods?
  • They’re versatile – They’re smaller, more aesthetically pleasing, and you can often maneuver them to different areas of the office if you realize they’d be more beneficial in a different location.

What Is the Cost of a Meeting Pod?

The cost of a meeting pod depends on a few factors, like:

  • The size of the pod – Businesses typically purchase a single-person, double, or four-person pod, but you can find larger ones as well.
  • The type of pod – A standalone pod can be easier to assemble and relocate if needed. A floor-to-ceiling pod is often made with glass walls and has added ventilation to maintain a constant fresh flow of air. An acoustic pod has the advantage of being able to get rid of outside noises.
  • Pod furnishings – You can furnish your pod with typical office conveniences, like chairs, light fixtures, and wall outlets. The add-ons you choose often reflect on the total price of the pod.
  • Pod details – Some pods are sold as-is. Other companies allow you to choose the fabric, color, and finish of your pod to match your office’s aesthetic.

For a more specific breakdown, a Juniper Office single-person focus pod starts at $8,699 and includes:

  • A sound-absorbing design
  • Plush foam seating
  • Integrated lighting
  • An optional monitor mount (excellent for video calls and giving small presentations)

In contrast, a similar pod that comfortably seats two people costs $8,775, while the largest four-person meeting pod begins at $11,316.

However, compared to the total cost of an office fit-out, which involves construction costs, furniture and fixtures costs, equipment fees, and design consultant costs, the expense of a meeting pod is more cost-effective.

Discover the Comfort of Meeting Pods with Juniper Office

Finding the perfect meeting pod for your office is no easy feat, but once you’ve experienced the benefits of hosting a meeting in a comfortable, secluded location—there’s no looking back.

With Juniper Office, you don’t have to wonder what life with a meeting pod could be like. Instead, you can experience all of its advantages for yourself. We offer customizable premium-quality meeting pods designed with you in mind; make sure to check out our office pod cost to make sure they work with you.

Whether you’re seeking a quiet place to spend an hour knocking out your last assignment or you’re scouting out a sequestered space that drowns out the office chatter, our meeting pods can provide you with the comfort and quiet you’re looking for. We can also help you find the right office phone booth or office meeting room so that you can find the perfect designs for your workspace.

Interested in incorporating other furniture for an office upgrade? Browse our online catalog and start creating the office of your dreams.


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