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Types of Office Partitions

Office partitions offer your employees privacy and promote a more productive workspace. Learn more about the types of office partitions here.

The ever-popular, incredibly useful open concept office layout is a favorite of businesses everywhere for many reasons. One of the greatest is perhaps the flexibility wide open office areas offer. You can use furniture that will both break up the open working space and move to suit your changing needs. One way to do this is with the use of office partitions. Let’s look at some of the ways to use different types of office partitions in your open-plan office space!

What is a Partitioned Office?

An office partition helps divide space, however they are much different than erecting a wall in the middle of your beautiful, open workspace. That’s like taking a pie and cutting slices out of it, separating them from the whole. Think of a partitioned office design like a honeycomb: each partitioned area is still part of the same open office, but sweet conversations and hard work can be done in each individual section. Keep reading to learn which types of office partitions will be best for you and your worker bees!

 grayscale hexagons cut out of paper

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How Do You Partition Office Space?

The specific way you partition your workstation is completely up to you, however here are some ideas and types of office partitions to consider when planning out your office design ideas.

1. Acoustic PET

One of our favorite partition design options is acoustic PET Room Dividing Panels. These accordion-style office dividers are sturdy while also being easy to clean and eco-friendly (made from recycled plastic bottles). These partition panels even absorb 85% of sound energy.

two women at workstations with PET wing dividers and a room divider in the background

2. Moss Walls

Mobile moss walls bring nature inside (without the allergies!) while also creating a partitioned office space. Moss even has great acoustic properties that will help your office environment stay quiet and productive.

Dark and light green moss in striped pattern on mobile wall with industrial background

3. Cubicles or Desk Dividers

Keep the same open-office layout without a partition wall, but give your employees some privacy at their workstation with cubicles or desk dividers. These can help minimize distractions and decrease awkward eye contact with the person across from you with fabric, vinyl, acrylic, or PET office dividers.

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2 workstations in a pod of 4 with gray PET wing dividers

Gray and white cubicles, group of 6

4. Clear or Glass Partitions

Give the illusion of an open workspace while providing the separation you need to have separate or safer conversations. Take a look at our clear desktop partition.

2 chairs facing an L-shape desk with a glass partition mounted to the surface

5. Pods or Booths

Another way to partition your office is with the use of pods or booths. Pods may not be what you think of when you think of partitions, however they have the same effect: dividing your space and providing areas of soundproofing and privacy.

Woman smiling while in discussion with coworker sitting in gray 2-person pod

2 4-person sound proof booths in an open concept office space

We think it’s safe to say that now that you’re a pro with partitions. How will you use partitions in your office? Call, email, or fill out our contact form and our experts will help you make your open-office space conducive to all the types of collaboration and work you need!