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What is Resimercial Design?

Wondering what resimercial design is? It’s about bringing the homey feeling of residential furniture into the office space. Learn more here.

Perhaps you’ve never heard the word “resimercial”, or you could be an expert in design and want to hear what we have to say about resimercial design. Or maybe you just love reading our blogs (hey there, superfan!). No matter how or why you got here, we’re glad you came. 

What does resimercial mean?

First things first: what does “resimercial” even mean? It’s a term coined by the furniture industry for blending residential and commercial styles together to create a resimercial aesthetic and feel.

Residential furniture is what you see in homes, whereas commercial furniture is what you’re used to seeing in public buildings and corporate offices. When you put the two design concepts together, you get a unique blend that makes commercial spaces a little more comfortable and welcoming.

What are the benefits of resimercial design?

Resimercial design adds to the aesthetic of your office but most importantly, it adds to employee experience. Have you ever spent time in a place that made you wholly uncomfortable, just from the way it looked and felt? You probably wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Environment affects the way we feel and work. If your employees are wanting to run from the office the moment the little hand on the clock hits five, then you may be in for a high turnover rate. 

One way companies seek to decrease turnover and attract new star talent is with an inviting office environment. Resimercial design is a simple yet effective way to do this. Most people never feel as comfortable anywhere as they do in their own home. While maintaining professionalism, resimercial design can mimic the most inviting place in a person’s life in order to create a workplace that is functional and fun.

How to Implement Resimercial Design

Resimercial office design is a seamless blend of the professional work environments we are used to and the comforts of home. The purpose of mixing these two seemingly opposite styles is to create the ultimate work environment in which employees are their most comfortable, productive selves.

A resimercial workspace focuses on bringing the comfort and warmth of home to the workplace in everything from the lighting to the seating. Here are our top resimercial design ideas:

Comfortable Seating

Think sofas and armchairs but instead of the floral fabric of your grandma’s couch, it’s sleek and modern designs. The ultimate home-y chair? A rocking chair. It’s not a bad idea to add a coffee table into the mix, either.

2 men conversing at a lounge furniture set with a rocking chair, loveseat, and arm chair with foot rest

Ambient Lighting

Soft ambient lighting can improve the mood of your employees. Golden yellow light that is natural or mimics natural light is associated with happiness and warmth and can even be used to treat depression. To promote hard work and visual clarity, use bright light in the main work areas with less lighting around the perimeters. So, if you don’t have a lot of windows in your space, install some yellow light bulbs!

3 high-back arm chairs with personal laptop tables under warm lightbulbs

Durable Furniture

An important element in any resimercial office space is the durability of the furniture you use. From the upholstery to the steel frames, make sure to find commercial grade furniture like Juniper Office’s that will hold the test of time and wear.

Flexible Spaces

Resimercial offices should also have a focus on collaboration and flexibility. With cozy lounge areas and break room tables that look more like they belong in a dining room, your employees will feel comfortable to be themselves around each other. With modular or moveable furniture, you can update the layout as you wish. For a more private workspace for your employees, look into the different types of office partitions and the benefits of each one. 

2 navy blue L-shape modular couches with 2 gray ottomans in the center


Lastly, every office needs some interior decorating. Use cozy, colorful rugs and lamps on tables or stands to create a home-y office environment. It’s also okay to display various knick knacks or memorabilia to give employees and visitors something interesting to look at. Some of these can even be great conversation starters!

Now that you know what resimercial design entails, you’re ready to make it a reality! Juniper is here to help in any way you need--from design services to project management to installation. Give us a ring or fill out our contact form today!