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11 Conference Room Necessities

We have created a list of conference room necessities your office cannot live without. Read on.

Let’s be real. Conference rooms are where the important stuff happens! Maybe you’re meeting a client for the first time and need to make a great impression, or you have a board meeting to discuss company progress, or perhaps you’ve got a key product presentation to make. 

Whatever the circumstance, conference rooms can do it all. To ensure your meeting space is equipped for everything you need, below is a list of conference room necessities and conference room setup ideas your office cannot live without. Keep reading for necessities beyond just having a modern conference table and chairs! 

Conference Room Necessities

Tables and Chairs 

A huge feature of conference rooms are the table and chairs. The conference table in your meeting room can be any design, with rectangle and oval being two of the most popular shapes. The nice thing is your room layout of conference tables and chairs can be changed and adjusted according to the size and functionality of the meeting room . 

Also, keep in mind some meetings in a conference room can go on for hours. That means all chairs should be chosen keeping that in mind. The best chairs are ergonomically designed and properly cushioned, with adjustable height panels to ensure they fit everyone. Juniper Office Furniture Solutions offers a wide variety of chairs and tables to suit the needs of large and small conference rooms ideas.

Temperature Control System

Having a temperature control panel in a meeting room is great so that everyone can stay comfortable and adjust the temp as needed. Be sure both the heating and cooling systems are working properly to ensure the office space doesn’t get too frigid or too hot. Your airflow system needs to be good too, to keep the conference space fresh and not stale.

Whiteboard (Regular / Interactive) 

Need some whiteboard setup ideas? Look no further. Some might argue that a whiteboard is a necessity for a conference space, especially if the room is used for interactive sessions. A whiteboard, along with erasable markers, are tools that can help people visualize their ideas and discuss them with other members in the group. You may be wondering how to achieve the modern conference room look, and the answer is interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards can also be used in a conference room, allowing people to share their ideas remotely to make for a successful meeting and for  a collaborative office space


Most conference rooms are used for some sort of presentation. An overhead projector can make it that much easier to showcase those presentations and share ideas with the audience. Make sure you have the right viewport, projection screen, and supporting technical equipment to make the working experience seamless.

Audio & Video Equipment 

To equip your conference room for remote conference calls and meetings, make sure you have a high-quality audio and visual system to ensure you can hear and see everything clearly. It’s always good to make sure all the systems are set-up beforehand if you’ve got a big conference meeting planned.

Cables and Wires 

No matter what tech equipment and gadgets you have for your huddle room, it won’t make a difference if you don’t have the right cables and wires to connect and set them up. Make sure you have everything required, along with extra to spare. Just be sure to sort and store them in storage cabinets out of sight, or opt for a wireless system instead.

Internet Connection and Information 

Having a WIFI internet connection is a necessity for a modern conference room. Your audio and visual systems won’t be usable if you don’t have a good internet connection. Be sure to display the network connection’s name and password on a central area in the conference room to ensure it’s accessible to all. 

Storage Cabinets 

A storage cabinet might well be a necessity for a conference room. You can stock up on cables, connectors, and technical equipment, along with whiteboard markers, pens, notepads, and spare sheets of paper. Just make sure the cabinet matches the rest of the room’s furniture and doesn’t take up too much space. 

Coffee / Refreshment Table 

When meetings run long, people need a little pick-me-up. Therefore, it’s great to have a coffee bar or office folding table in the conference room layout. Ideally, it should feature a coffee maker or water boiler, along with coffee pods, tea bags, sugar, milk, and whatever else needed to offer refreshment. Snacks aren’t a bad idea either! 

Trash Cans 

Although often overlooked, no huddle room is properly furnished without a trash can. Having a trash can in a conference room prompts and encourages people to throw their trash in the bins instead of leaving it lying around. It also makes a good impression on clients.


Along with your technical and furniture items in a conference room, you might consider adding some accessories. Perhaps an atlas, a piece of artwork, photos, or a flower vase to add a personal touch when decorating a conference room. You can also infuse a bit of color and culture into a room with carpeting and rugs.

Conference room necessities can vary depending on the needs and goals of your business, but hopefully our recommendations have sparked some ideas for you!