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Small Conference Room Ideas

Do you need a conference room in your office, but your only option is quite small? Learn how to take advantage of the space. Read on for ideas.

These days, the price of real estate is far from affordable. For new businesses––especially those starting out––finding a large office space, in a prime location no less, can be a huge challenge and can drain your business funds before your business is even fully off the ground. 

That means that more companies are turning towards a smaller conference room design utilizing things like collaborative office spaces in order to save money. Fortunately, you can still do a lot with a small space to turn it into a functional conference room and still have all of your  conference room necessities . All you need to be sure of is that you can fit your conference table and chairs set in the room.

Small Conference Room Setup Ideas

It’s true that setting up a small conference room layout can be frustrating. After all, there’s no space to fit that classic rectangular conference table, or those professional-looking office chairs. 

Plus, that glass wall in your modern conference room makes the room look like a fish bowl, and the control center overwhelms everything. Pause. Breathe! Making just a tiny perspective shift can save the day and help you better appreciate and utilize the meeting space you’ve got. 

Try a Wall-Mounted Display 

Wall-mounted digital displays can save a lot of meeting space that would otherwise be occupied by a desk or credenza. Wall-mounted displays should be eye-level to ensure audience comfort. For best results, opt for interactive displays that help the presenter transition between different items easily. If the screen or display can be remotely controlled, even better. 

Wall-Mounted Whiteboard 

Similar to wall-mounted displays, a whiteboard affixed to the wall can save you floor space in smaller rooms. It also makes it easy for team members to write and access information. If you can afford an interactive, ‘smart’ whiteboard, it can further streamline your processes by allowing you to transfer data between different devices, both to and from the whiteboard. Learn whiteboard setup ideas to offer the most collaboration in your office.

Minimalistic Ergonomic Chairs

The chairs in a small conference room should be minimalistic and simple. They can’t take up too much space or avoid designs or colors that overwhelm the room. Also opt for ergonomic to ensure it doesn’t ruin your spinal health. 

Light & Sturdy Tables

For smaller conference rooms, tables that are light and minimalistic help make the space seem open. While meeting tables like live edge conference tables have a beautiful heavy and solid look, it can make a small room seem overcrowded and stuffy. Try finding a table in light or neutral wood colors or check out our conference tables available at Juniper Office Solutions. They include tables that are ideal for small conference rooms, with light frames and minimalistic legs that don’t take up too much space. 

Video Conferencing Equipment 

Regardless of how small or large a conference room is, you need video conferencing equipment. Save space by using the digital display as a video streaming screen. 

Table-Installed Mics and Speakers 

To save floor and wall space, you can opt for speakers and mics that can be installed inside the conference table. Seems simple, but wholly effective! 

Perks of Having a Small Conference Room

Optimized Space 

A small conference room is almost always created out of necessity. Maybe your office doesn’t have space to accommodate a large conference room, so you opt for a smaller one. 

However, that’s honestly a perk, not a downside. Why? Because you can rest easy knowing your office space is fully optimized and designed for maximum efficiency. It accommodates all the necessary things while ensuring there’s no wasted space.

Simple Setup 

Since you can only fit necessities in a small conference room, it can save you considerable time when setting it up. All you need are the right chairs and tables to even start calling it a conference room; everything else is just the cherry on top!


When you don’t have the space for unnecessary gadgets and tools, you don’t have an excuse to buy them. A small conference room can be incredibly budget-friendly, not only in terms of how you outfit it, but also in terms of your utilities costs.

Promotes Collaboration

The whole point of collaborative work spaces is that they are designed to allow you to bump elbows and collide with people, albeit not literally. 

A small conference room can have a similar effect. Plus it’s a room that’s free of distractions, making it a great place to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of team members and foster that collaborative spirit.

Effective for Remote Workers 

Remote working has become huge the last year or two, and many companies are considering making it a regular practice. A small conference room can be ideal for remote workers, because then it can be utilized as-needed and isn’t a big waste of space. Just be sure the room is set up with audio and visual systems to support video conferencing, so other team members can join in remotely as well.

In the world of office setups, there aren’t any rules per se, it’s more about boosting productivity and increasing comfort. Always keep your company’s vision and goals in mind and set up your conference space accordingly––be it large or small––and you can’t go wrong. Juniper Office Furniture Solutions offers a wide array of solutions from design, to planning, to installation. Partner with us to utilize your space in the best way possible.