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How to Achieve the Modern Conference Room Look

Looking to add a modern touch to your conference room? Read our guide to achieve this look in your office space.

Let’s face it, no one today enjoys working in a conference room that looks as though it came from the pages of a newspaper from the 90’s. 

Most people when venturing out for a little face-to-face time with others prefer to do so in a setting that’s a little more modern, a little more updated, with all the techie bells and whistles one might expect in today’s technological culture. It takes more than just getting a modern conference table and chairs set, although that is a great starting point!

If your current conference room design doesn’t quite fit the bill, it may be time for an upgrade. You may be wondering how to make a collaborative office space or what are the conference room necessities. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to modernize the look of a conference space and take that stuffy old boardroom from zero to hero.

Modern Conference Room Styles

Board Rooms

Board rooms are typically reserved for more upscale––and large scale––meetings and discussions. The layout of a board room is designed to offer an air of professionalism and even seriousness. It’s a meeting room design that’s ideal for 10 to 20 people and typically includes a large rectangular or oval table, multiple conference chairs, and sometimes even sofas. Modern boardrooms typically feature premium furniture such as solid wood conference tables, such as the Live Edge Conference Table.

Meeting Rooms 

A meeting room layout is designed for smaller scale meetings, instead of large company or department-wide meetings. Generally, it includes a table and a couple of conference chairs for any type of session you plan to host.

Team Rooms 

A team room is basically a small conference room, used more for casual meetings than client or board meetings. Generally, team rooms can seat anywhere from 5 to 15 people. Learn more about small conference room ideas to best utilize the space.

It may include a rectangular, round, or oval collaboration table, whiteboards, along with accompanying chairs. The main purpose of a team room layout is really to allow everyone to easily converse and share ideas. Learn whiteboard setup ideas to really spark collaboration.

Breakout Space 

Modernity is all about comfort these days. For a comfortable and casual conference room design, a breakout space layout is ideal. It’s typically equipped with comfortable couches, bean bags, and chairs, along with center and side tables for everyone’s convenience. It’s usually ideal for brainstorming and discussion sessions, without the use of computers or audio/visual systems. 

Modern Conference Room Aesthetics


Nothing beats natural light for keeping people energized and productive. While there are hundreds of designs for light fixtures, including everything from hanging lights to pendant lights, to standing lamps or table lamps, even still, the best way to brighten up a room will always be natural light. 

However, when you can’t utilize natural light, we think hanging lights and lamps offer a chic and modern touch to any conference room. 

Glass Walls / Partitions

Does anything scream more modern than glass walls? Having a conference room with a glass wall can instantly turn the space into something brighter and livelier than before. However, keep in mind that glass walls are probably best suited for larger rooms. 


Every well-equipped and well-styled conference room must have carpet. The popular choice for many conference rooms tends to be beige or light-colored carpets, since they offer more of a professional air. 

However, for the dynamic workspaces of the modern world, try using carpets to introduce a pop of color to the room. Not  only will this make the whole space come alive, it will also stoke creativity in those who use it! 


First, not all chairs are created equal! In any conference room, chairs and tables are the most prominent pieces of furniture. That means your chair choice can have a big impact on the overall look of the room. 

For a modern conference room, why not go for chairs that combine the luxury of velvet or leather, with the convenience of wheels and height adjustment panels? After all, modern chairs should be a fusion of comfort, luxury, and style. 

You can also opt for lightweight metal chairs in any color that ties into or complements the aesthetics of the room. Juniper Office Furniture Solutions offers a wide variety of modern chairs to suit any type of room. Our chairs are not only ergonomic and high-quality, they’re pretty to look at! Perfect for ehancing the visual value of any conference room. 

Modern Conference Room Technology 

Acoustic Paneling

We have all been in rooms where the sound echoes and makes it hard to understand what’s being said. The solution to this is acoustic paneling. 

It combines the insulating properties of cotton, wood, and sound-dampening fabric to tamp down on the sound waves. Most of the time, you’ll find acoustic panels mounted on the ceiling or to the walls. 

Audio / Visual Systems 

Having a proper audio and visual system is a must in conference rooms these days, especially since the pandemic has changed the landscape of how business is done.

Video conferencing and remote working are the norm, at least right now, and that requires conference rooms to be equipped with the latest audio and visual technologies so that everything goes smoothly. 

Booking Technology 

To further modernize your conference room and streamline it’s usage, consider employing a booking technology system. It allows people to reserve the room as needed, and also keeps a record of when it’s booked so you can find an available slot for yourself. Booking systems can also be synced with your company’s calendar for additional streamlining.

Tips for Setting up a Modern Conference Room 

Keep Your Goals in Mind

We have all of the conference room setup ideas you need for inspiration. Every conference room, modern or not, should embody the goals and vision of the company it represents. Yes, it’s a conference room, but always keep your bigger brand picture in mind when designing it, and always keep its purpose in mind. Remember that the best conference rooms are those that are designed to boost productivity and optimize work performance, just like any other office space.

Allow Enough Breathing Room

Make sure your conference room is large enough to fit all your necessary people. Also be sure to divide and utilize the space wisely to ensure you make the most of it, without crowding everyone. Consider adding a conference room credenza for extra storage. 

Keep in mind that if the room is equipped and designed to fit 10 people, then it’s best to limit your audience to 10 people or less. This helps ensure everyone has enough personal space to sit and work comfortably. 

Choose Your Colors Wisely

In all likelihood, the walls of your conference room are already painted as a reflection of your company’s brand. However, if you do have the opportunity to select the wall color yourself, we recommend sticking with white.

White is both modern and classic, and lighter colors make the space seem brighter, larger, and more open. Dark colors tend to have the opposite affect. Choose your room decor and furniture colors with these things in mind.

Also, keep in mind that introducing a pop of color into a space has been known to spark creativity, and lighter colors are more in vogue nowadays anyway. You can use accessories and wall hangings to create contrast where needed.

Go for Movable, Ergonomic Furniture 

Furniture is a key aspect of a modern conference room. Consider opting for ergonomically designed chairs, as they often are designed with a modern feel already. Plus, comfort, comfort! If you can find chairs with wheels, even better! 

We here at Juniper Solutions offer a variety of conference room furniture options, including chairs and tables. Just browse our website to choose your ideal design.

Avoid Visual & Audio Distractions 

A room where there are wires spread everywhere for equipment, or you can hear outside noise, or see random clutter can be difficult to work in. It’s better to avoid audible and visual distractions in a conference room as much as possible. 

Try window blinds, or ensure windows don’t face high-trafficked areas. You can use storage containers and cable managers for clutters and wiring, and try to utilize wireless equipment wherever possible. 

Ensure Proper Lighting 

Being under natural light helps keep you mentally and physically sharp. Working under clinical, fluorescent lights can have the opposite effect and be detrimental to your mental health and productivity. Plus, natural light tends to make a room appear more bright and open, giving it a welcoming feel.

Don’t Forget Temperature Settings 

This little factor is often overlooked when designing and setting up a conference room. Along with minimizing audio distractions, you should also ensure that your cooling system works seamlessly, with as little vent noise as possible.

Having a thermostat inside the room can be very helpful as it allows whomever is using the room to adjust the temperature themselves, although you may have to have settings that establish parameters. Your cooling and heating system should also have optimal airflow so the conference room doesn’t get stuffy and stale. 

Modernizing a conference room can be as big an undertaking as you are willing to make it. Or it can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint and updating your office furniture.