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4 Benefits of Hiring a Space-Planning Service to Design an Office Space

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Sometimes, all it takes to transform a run-of-the-mill office into an exciting hub of enthusiasm, innovation, and productivity is the right interior design. Design elements as varied as lighting, best office colors, and furniture can all impact the tone of an office and influence the work that gets done.

That’s why business owners who want a streamlined, efficient approach to resigning their indoor or outdoor office space turn to corporate office interior design companies. Working with experts in workplace design can alleviate stress and reduce the errors that can come with do-it-yourself projects. And in the end, they can result in office environments where employees thrive and business booms.

Whether you’re redesigning your office or starting with a blank slate, here are four ways an office interior designer can benefit your project.

#1 It’s Easier On Your Budget

Partnering with a corporate office interior design company can be a far more budget-friendly solution than taking on the project yourself. Yes, there’s some overhead associated with outsourcing the job, but most companies can tailor their office interior design service to fit your specific needs—and your budget.

To design an office interior, one must understand the ins and outs of modern office design and will accommodate a variety of office styles (or determine how to seamlessly blend multiple into a one-floor plan). That makes them less likely to fall victim to missteps that cause amateur designers to run afoul of budget restrictions and extend project timelines. Your budget won’t enjoy another redesign if you have to start over—and neither will your employees, who are likely tired of contending with complicated workflows and interruptions during the process.

In general, a professional interior designer may save you money in the following way:

  • Fewer mistakes –Hiring an interior designer can cut down on mistakes and errors that slow down your redesign and end up costing you more money to fix.
  • Better materials –Because experienced designers have worked with various vendors and manufacturers, they can ensure you get the best quality materials at the best prices.

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    #2 It’s a Time Saver

    One of the biggest benefits of working with a company that offers office space design services is the amount of time it can shave off of your project.

    Professionals rely on their expertise and long-standing relationships with a vast network of vendors and suppliers to keep projects moving. This enables them to plan and execute modern office overhauls efficiently. And with a professional at the helm, you don’t have to worry about fitting the hefty task of an office layout redesign into your already packed schedule.

    Doing it alone can take up significant time compared to a professional office interior design specialist:

    • They don’t need time to learn the ropes of what elements make for a productive and welcoming space.
    • They won’t spend hours on websites or over the phone:
    • Choosing a vendor, trialing selections, and deciding on specific furniture pieces
    • Placing and double-checking order forms
    • Receiving and confirming material deliveries
    • Assembling and positioning furniture
    • Managing replacements and warranties for faulty items

    #3 You Get an Expert’s Opinion

    The best corporate office interior design companies are staffed by designers with extensive training and experience. They’ve designed offices across a range of sizes and styles. In the process, they’ve amassed a treasure trove of tools and techniques that make them experts in the field.

    It’s that expert opinion that’s one of the biggest benefits of hiring an office design specialist. Designing an office isn’t the same as choosing your house’s decor or even setting up a home office. They’re deeply knowledgeable about the aspects of corporate office design that distinguish it from other interior design fields.

    In other words, they aren’t simply well-versed in the elements of interior design. They’re experts at applying those elements to improve office settings. Those elements include:1

    • Color theory
    • Spatial optimization
    • Form

    Additionally, corporate office interior design specialists understand how to design office spaces with ergonomics in mind to support healthier workspaces. Eliminating issues like back, neck, and shoulder pain goes a long way toward keeping your employees focused on their tasks.

    #4 The Offer Fresh Perspectives

    It would be hard to overstate the value of an outsider’s perspective when redesigning your office. Aside from the expertise they bring to the job, they’re also looking at the project with a fresh set of eyes—and envisioning fresh solutions.

    You’re in the office day in and day out, making it difficult to see what it could be as opposed to what it is. On the other hand, a specialist in office interior design services benefits from a lack of familiarity and will view the space’s potential more objectively.

    They’ll combine that objectivity with expertise to reimagine everything about your workplace design. That sort of viewpoint is critical to innovation in general.2 For office design, it means:

    • Rethinking how spaces are used
    • Planning effective layouts
    • Arranging furniture and equipment

    Juniper Office

    In short, hiring a designer saves you the effort of figuring out how to design an office space. Designing an office space that works hard to make work easier and more enjoyable for everyone in the office requires vision, certainly. But you don’t have to be a master interior designer to pull it off for your business. You just need the right team behind you.

    Welcome to Juniper. Our office space design services are free, fast, and guaranteed to help you reimagine every inch of your office. With 3D planning tools, design consultations, and photo-realistic renderings, we simplify the entire process so that you can get back to work.

    Is it time to redesign your office? Get started with Juniper Office today


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