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4 Benefits of Providing Phone Booths for the Office

Are phone booths beneficial for the office? Read on to learn more about the benefits of providing phone booths for employees during work hours.

 Finding the perfect balance between productivity and privacy in an office can be a challenge. You want employees to feel like they can collaborate, be creative, and think outside the box—but you also recognize that there’s a time and place for focus and quiet conversations. So, how can you create a flexible office environment that allows both options?

Enter the office phone booth.

An office phone booth is a modern workspace solution for the occasional need for a private space in open office plans. These soundproofed enclosures furnish employees with the quiet they require for phone calls, video conferences, and deep concentration. Both modular booths and custom-designed areas are available to help employees harness their potential. They also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a single employee or a small group.

Curious about the benefits of installing a phone booth for office spaces? This solution may allow several advantages—including productivity, creativity, mental health, and fewer distractions.

#1 Increased Productivity

Open offices may encourage teamwork and problem-solving, but it’s also important for employers to realize that some situations call for a different type of environment. 

True, some people thrive on the background din found in an office, from the clicking of keyboard keys to the sound of their colleague’s voice on the phone. Others? Not so much. In one survey of workers, 54% reported that they weren’t performing to their potential because of the distractions they face.1

All in all, workplace distractions can come at a cost. Studies show that it can take roughly 25 minutes for an employee to immerse themselves back into the project at hand after they have been interrupted.2

Translation? Disturbances can result in a concerning loss of productivity. Indeed, some estimates suggest that 86 minutes of an employee’s workday are usually squandered because of distractions.3

The privacy of a phone booth office space allows workers to find their grounding and focus for the projects or phone calls that need it. It’s a place to retire, recalibrate, and concentrate, which may ultimately improve office productivity across the board.

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#2 The Right Environment for Creativity

The connection between creativity and quiet is well-documented. Collaboration can fuel innovation, to be sure—but solitude is often the key to finding one’s muse.4 

Whether it’s arriving at just the right word or coming up with your company’s next campaign, an office phone booth can provide your employees with the silence they need for that spark to happen.

You may argue that your office is library-quiet, so what’s the point? “Visual noise,” or commotion that we catch from the corners of our eyes, can be just as distracting—and may interrupt the spell workers need to be under to discover inspiration. 

#3 A Boost for Mental and Emotional Health

Auditory distractions don’t just complicate an employee’s capacity to finish a report or craft an eloquent email—they can also raise stress levels and lead to hasty, poor performance.

Even a quick break in an office phone booth can encourage mental and emotional health, potentially leading to:5

  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved memory
  • Stronger emotional regulation

Happier, calmer, and more mindful employees can be a major benefit to your workforce. Research indicates they’re more engaged, committed, and productive.6

#4 Reduced Distractions

Increases in remote and hybrid work have accustomed professionals in nearly every industry to run-of-the-mill household noise, the sight of pets, and the understanding that their colleague, client, or employee is most likely still sporting their PJ bottoms.

Workers in an open office aren’t immune to distractions, either. But we all know that participating in an important phone call or video conference can lose a touch of focus and professionalism when the speakers are battling against their officemate’s chit-chat or a phone that keeps ringing in the background.

An office phone booth solves this problem. By giving your workers a serene, quiet place to conduct communications, they can concentrate entirely on their meetings—and deliver greater client satisfaction and stronger results.

How Much Do Office Phone Booths Cost?

Office phone booths can vary widely in terms of size and materials—and so does their price. So, how much will it cost to add this quiet, distraction-free space to your office?

Models can range between $3,995 to $11,500 and above. Since they’re worked into your existing interior, there is no additional cost for utilities, although some companies choose to outfit their booths with ergonomic furniture, USB outlets, and more. For more specific details on the office pod cost for an office meeting room or other office meeting pods, make sure to check out our resource center.

All in all, however, remember that you’re giving your employees something invaluable—a flexible space to meet their needs when quiet and focus are the key.

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